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Women ministering exists to give support, resources, and inspiration to women in ministry – 
women serving the body of christ in or outside the church. 

Find the support Unique to the Needs of Women in Ministry

Be Inspired to Flourish

My passion is to see women in ministry flourish in every area of their lives. What does ‘flourish’ mean? It is to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment.

We determine the environment we live in and need connections, resources and support to do so. 

The goal of WM is to partner with you to build you up in your personal, family, and ministry life. 

How to Achieve Your Goals and Dreams

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The Author

I’m Fleda and I’m the founder of Women Ministering. As a woman in ministry who has served for 0ver 40 years both in and outside the church, I understand the unique challenges and blessings of being in ministry. 

I’ve been the Pastor and the janitor, founded a faith-based non-profit for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, and have served in just about every area. 

I’m also a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, crafter, motorcycle rider, author, and lover of God and life! I live on a beautiful farm in Idaho with my wonderful husband, 3 dogs, assorted cats, and many other wild creatures. 

Fleda Bennie

Fleda Bennie

In 2015, I was widowed when my husband of almost 49 years died in an accident and, less than one year later, I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Now, I am remarried, cancer free, and grateful for every single day of my life.

I wanted you to know that Women Ministering is written from my heart and a lifetime of experience and my passion is to see you flourish in every area of your life. 

I pray that you are refreshed, encouraged, and strengthened by what you find here and by the connection we make as women changing the world.


We Need Each Other in Order to Succeed!

WM Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Whether you are helping a friend in crisis, on Staff in a church, teaching a Bible Study, or serving as a Missionary, Women Ministering is here to help.


Flourish in Your Personal Life

The one we often forget to care for is ourselves! Yet, your well-being affects your entire life. Find resources to help you flourish. 


Flourish In relationships

Healthy relationships are vital. You need good friends, a healthy family and, whether you are married or single, you need to find balance in life. 


Flourish in Ministry

Being a woman in ministry is filled with challenges and your spiritual life must be alive and well! Helping others is rewarding and difficult so don’t try to do it all alone. 

Every Blog Can Be a Tool You can Use Personally or to Help Others

The Blog

44 Uplifting Reasons to Be Honest With Yourself

44 Uplifting Reasons to Be Honest With Yourself

We all need to honest with ourselves but the reasons why might be different than you think! Being honest with yourself can be and should be a positive practice because – it doesn’t mean what you might think it does! It does not mean being critical, depressed, and diving into a pool of self-pity! In fact, the biblical view of self-honesty is just the opposite. So, let’s dive into that pool instead!
Here is the beautiful, fantastic, and freeing truth of being honest with ourselves – in ourself, we are nothing. In Christ, we are everything! To be honest with yourself is to rejoice in what Christ has done and is doing in you! This is who you are are – a child of the living God. That is the honest, absolute truth about you.

Don't Be Afraid to Dream A New Dream

Don’t Be Afraid to Dream A New Dream

Don’t be afraid to dream a new dream or to dream big, even in times of uncertainty, fear, or doubt. It’s not only good to dream big, it’s also good to dream new dreams. Of course, common sense must be applied but we can often be so practical, fearful, and or doubt-filled, that we don’t allow ourselves to dream at all.