10 Best Holiday Gift and Activity Ideas for Kids

Holiday Gift and Activity Ideas for Kids

10 Gift Activity Kids HolidaysWe all look forward to the winter holidays, gifts, and activities. So, WM has put together this group of 10 Best Holiday Gift and Activity Ideas for Kids.

Although they seem to start earlier and earlier, each Holiday has special significance. First is Halloween. While some Christians do not participate in this holiday, many others do and look forward to all the fun of dressing up, seeing friends, meeting new people, and gathering as much candy as possible.

Thanksgiving comes next and is my personal favorite. I love the whole idea and history of Thanksgiving. Even though getting the whole family together can be a chore and possibly create strain, it can also be a wonderful time of sharing, laughing, and remembering the blessings of the year.

Christmas is the last holiday and the biggest one. Millions of dollars are spent on decorations, gifts, parties, and food. It seems that the ‘slow-down’ we had hoped for in the Fall gives way to the busyness of holidays and sports. Our children, of course, are a huge part of this. Honestly, once there are no little ones at Christmas, some of the fun is gone. It is still a wonderful time of family and rejoicing in the birth of our Savior, but, the little ones add a special spark so be sure to take advantage of the time.

If you have little ones, you might be looking for some ideas to help them celebrate the holidays. Since we have passed Halloween, I will focus on Thanksgiving and Christmas and highlight 10 great gift and activity ideas for your kids through the holidays. It’s always fun and helpful to find new things. In most families, both parents are working and sharing the duties at home. Even if you work at home, you still work and still have to devote time specifically to that. You may be too tired to come up with new ideas so here are some ideas to help.

10 Best Holiday Gift and Activity Ideas for Kids

10 Gifts and Ideas for Kids During the Holidays P1Muffins, Pumpkin Bars, Cookies, and More from Lessons From Home!

You will find recipes containing pumpkin enabling you to sneak a vegetable into your kids lunch or snacks! Pumpkins are good for you, so it’s a double bonus.

Snacks, energy bites, pumpkin pie baked oatmeal cups, pumpkin pie bars, muffins, chocolate pumpkin cookies, dinner in a pumpkin, pumpkin pasta, fries, and smoothies are all included.

You will find recipes from various sources. All are easy and your kids can join you in the kitchen creating some of these unique treats.

Click on the picture to the left to find the links to the recipes. Your kids will love them!

11 Kid Activities from Lessons at Home  10 Gift and Activity Ideas for Kids During the Holidays P2

Looking for something fun and inexpensive to do at home with your kids? Here’s a great idea that will allow them to build their creative skills and have fun all at the same time. These activities will help build the wonderful quality of gratitude in your kid’s hearts.

You will find tips on teaching gratitude to your children and then building a gratitude tree together.

Another great activity you will learn about is creating a gratitude journal with your kids. There are all kinds of tips and links to additional helps for you.

If that’s not enough, there are links to 5 more fun things you can do to help your children be grateful and make the season even more special. Just click on the picture.

Advent Calendars for Preschoolers

10 Great Gift and Activity Ideas for Kids During the Holidays P3Do you welcome Christmas in by participating in Advent, having an Advent tradition in your home, or using an Advent Calendar or Daily Study Guide? In case you don’t know what Advent is, here is how Jessie Synan of Follow Their Sunshine describes it:

“Advent is the anticipation and the waiting for the special event of the birth of Jesus. It is marked by the four Sundays that lead up to Christmas. Many churches celebrate this season. For more information on what Advent is, this is an informative link of the origins of Advent and how Christians celebrate it now.

You will find over 20 different Advent Calendars for Toddlers in this article along with descriptions of each one and a link to purchase. There are even DIY Advent Calendars for kids!

Click on the picture and have fun establishing a new tradition with the little one.

10 Kid Friendly Apple Recipes for Fall 10 Great Gift and Activity Ideas for Kids During the Holidays P4

Who doesn’t love apples? Most kids even like them. Here are some great apple recipes to create and eat with your kids. How about Apple Pizza?  Kids love pizza so why not make it even more healthy and involve your kids in the preparation?

Apple cinnamon bake, slow cooker apple pie, and apple pie in wonton wrappers are just a few of the fun and unusual recipes for you and your kids to make and enjoy.

There are even gluten-free recipes included. As Fall fades into winter, quick and easy recipes make life easier in your busy schedule. These recipes are all easy, healthy and unusual. Click on the image to go to the website.

Raising a Grateful Child

10 Great Gift and Activity Ideas for Kids During the Holidays :5Cheered On Mom has some wonderful tips and activities you can do with your children to build gratitude! We all struggle with attitude and childhood is the best time to learn about an ‘attitude of gratitude!”

On this site, you will find helpful tips to work on gratitude with your kids and links to 5 activities you and your kids can do together.

As Thanksgiving time comes near, it is good for all of us to practice being more grateful for all that we have. As your model it for your kids, it will become a habit for you and them!

These fun activities make it easy to build memories with your children.

Just click on the picture.

8 Fun Fall Science Experiments from Lessons From Home  10 Great Gift and Activity Ideas for Kids During the Holidays P6

How about some science experiments you can do at home with your kids? This article has 8 great science experiments. Things like mummified apples – what kid wouldn’t want to try that? Bubble science, how leaves breathe, and erupting pumpkins are just some of the experiments.

If you home school, these are wonderful ideas to incorporate into your own science class. Even the challenge of stacking 10 applies will keep the whole family involved.

Learn how to use coffee cups and crayons to keep your apples from turning brown by using acids and bases.

These science experiments are inexpensive and can be done in your own kitchen or garage. Just click on the picture to get the science experiments.

Do Your Kids Love to Read?

10 Great Gift and Activity Ideas for Kids During the Holidays P7

Do you have a child who loves to read? Here are 45 different gift suggestions and many of them are things adults who love to read might also want! Aryn the Libraryan has some great ideas for you

There are book logs to keep track of the books they read, Kindles for Kids, invisible ink pen set, lots and lots of books for kids, and printable bookmarks.

That’s just the beginning. Gifts for Christmas or anytime of the year along with games and more. All for your bookworm kids!

When you’ve run out of ideas for gifts, look no further.

Just click on the picture and start browsing.

Will You Be Traveling With Your Little Ones for the Holidays?  10 Great Gift and Activity Ideas for Kids During the Holidays P8

If so, here are some fun luggage ideas for your toddlers. Since they love to do what you do, they can have their very own carry-on!

Jessie at Follow Their Sunshine gives you lots of choices in evey size and color you might want. There are backpacks for toddlers with dinosaurs on them and rolling luggage they will also love.

The added benefit is that you don’t end up with their most coveted toys in your suitcase! They get to learn and be like you with access to the things they want.

Just check on the image to go to the website and scroll through to find the best one for you.

Some Gifts For Christian Kids All About the Bible  10 Great Gift and Activity Ideas for Kids During the Holidays P9

Bible games and DVD’s like Hermie and Friends might be the perfect gift for your kids. They can be entertained and learn about the Word of God all at the same time.

There are even adventure series and Magazines just for kids. The variety is wonderful and these would also make perfect gifts for your children’s friends for their birthdays or other occasions.

Storybooks are also on the website. So have fun finding gifts that are Bible-centered.

Just click on the image to go to the website.

Are Dinosaurs Their Favorite Thing?

10 Great Gift and Activity Ideas for Kids During the Holidays P10Here is a website with dinosaur gifts for kids. How about towels, card games, pillow pets and slippers?

There is enough variety here to make it easy for you to find just the thing your kids will love.

In addition, they are reasonably priced so you can actually afford to get something they will love.

Robot pets and pajamas along with blankets and water bottles. There are also educational gifts.

Just click on the image to go to the site. It’s great!

I hope you enjoy all these incredible gift and activity ideas to make your holiday fun and memorable.

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