10 Great Resources for Women in Ministry

10 Great Resources for Women in Ministry

10 Great Resources For Women in Ministry PWhenever you are involved in any type of ministry, you are always in need of things so, I am going to give you 10 Great Resources for Women in Ministry. Most of the time you are in need of supplies and resource materials which are as inexpensive as possible but still provide some level of quality. Whether it’s for children or adults, we are always in need of things like paper, books, cards, Bible Studies, Bibles, and more. This is just a short list of things you might need and I will follow up with more posts and more resources for you.

#1 – A Good Book

One of the things we are always in need of is books on a variety of subjects. I am going to suggest one really good book (she says modestly)! I have written a short book on dealing with loss, rejection and betrayal in ministry. It is called How to Win When You Lose. And, yes, I am suggesting my own book. Others who have read it found great help in it and I hope that you would too. It could also be an inexpensive resource tool for you in helping others who are struggling with loss in ministry.

I have met so many people who have been deeply wounded as they tried to serve the body of Christ. The position you may hold is relevant when it comes to being betrayed, rejected, or having your vision destroyed by someone else. The wounded need the help of others and this can be one tool for you.

   The book is not just about loss, it is about finding your way back and turning a loss into a win. It is available on Amazon in either paperback or ebook form and the cost is quite reasonable. Paperback is $8.95 and eBook is $3.99. Just click on the image.

#2 – Help With Social Media

Part of 10 Great Resources for Women in Ministry must include social media. Perhaps you are assisting with social media in your church. I spent some time doing weekly studies for the women at our church. Several of us wrote and I published a weekly newsletter. There is a lot more to social media than just posting a cute little picture on Facebook.

If you would like to learn how to put Jesus out where the lost can find Him, Kingdom Bloggers Boot Camp is the place for you. People are searching for answers to deep life questions on the internet. As Christians, we have a worldwide, wide-open mission field in the Internet. The key is to find out what people are searching for and then give them the answer they didn’t know they needed! Help them find Jesus in a place they might not have expected Him certainly needed Him.

Kingdom Bloggers Boot Camp will start up again in 2020 and here is the link for you to go find out more about what you would learn. This class was pivotal for me in having success in writing blogs that people actually find and read! There is a minimal cost but it is worth every cent.Kingdom Bloggers Boot Camp

#3 – A Source for Bible Studies, Teaching, Podcasts and More that is Free!

The only thing better than free is something that is really great and free. Right Now Media is just that. The reason you can join Right Now Media for free is my church – Center Point Church in Meridian, Idaho! They allowed me to offer this to you free of charge. The number of videos, BIble Studies, Podcasts and Teaching Tools on Right Now Media is incredible. There are definitely more than 10 great resources for women in ministry here.

In order to get your free subscription, you will need to send me an email. I will then email back a link for you to join for free. If you are curious, go to RightNow Media and look around a little.

#4 – A Good, Free Bible Study for Women

As part of Ten Great Resources for Women in Ministry, I am going to refer you to several women I know. They write quality Bible Studies which are free for you to use. Of course. There are also studies available here on Women Ministering but there are many, many others out there. So, here is a list of some of them:

#4 – Bullet Journaling

I have a hard time being organized. I write things on whatever I can find at the moment I need them. Not really a good way to do things. I have struggled on and off with finding methods that worked for me. When I found the Bullet Journaling method, I immediately felt it was a good fit for me. I will refer you to some sites but want to let you know that you don’t have to be an artist to do this. When I first looked at the beautiful pages others had created, I was depressed. My journal looks nothing like some of what you will see. I decided that some colored pens and Washi tape were my best friends when it came to creating my journal.

Here are a couple of places. One is the site of the person who started the whole thing and the journals are quite minimal in regard to artistry. I will include some links for journal but you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars. I bought some cheap colored pens on Amazon, some Micron fine pens, and a journal that had pages hardy to enough to keep the colored pens from bleeding through.

Just Google ‘Bullet Journal’ and you will find a wealth of information. One of the things that helped me the most was the concept of an index. It doesn’t matter what page anything is on because you just put it in your index. So, July does not have to be 2 pages past June! It can be anywhere because you can find it in your Index page! Such a simple concept. The only hurdle I had was adjusting to the fact that July did not need to directly follow June! Find your freedom like I did.

#5 – Best Bibles

There are a gazillion Bibles out there. New translations pop up all the time. One of the newest is The Passion Translation. I have not purchased it since it is available on Bible Gateway for free and it does not include the full Old Testament at this time. Even though you may already have what feels like a library of Bibles in your home, here are some new one.

If you want a Journaling Bible, they are available. You can get a reference Bible, a Hebrew/Greek Study Bible, a Bible that coincides with a particlular method.  I am currently using The Voice Bible and I love it. It has a lovely turquoise colored cover and the translators utilized poets to maintain the poetic feel of many of the passages in the BIble. Anyway, here is a list of a few particularly for women.

#6 – Writing Resources

Perhaps you are wanting to learn to write books, booklets, Bible Studies and create your own resources for those you are serving. There are many, many blogs about become a Christian writer and you can do a search and find them. I will recommend one if you are interested in becoming a Christian Writer.

Jerry Jenkins is a prolific Christian writer and his site offers free and paid resources to help you improve your skills. In addition, he provides links to additional sites to help you learn and grow.

#7 – Personal Care

When are ministering to others it is easy to forget that you need some care as well. At one point in my life, I ignored all the signs that I needed to take a break. I was working three jobs and one of them was an outreach to victims of crime. It was a ministry and I had a great passion for it. After I finally stepped down, I came very close to a breakdown and had to go on medication to get me through. My husband had told me I needed to stop but I ignored his advice.

While it is wonderful to serve and minister, the minister must understand and heed the signs. Self-care does not mean selfishness or self-centered approaches. Biblical self-care involves balance and Jesus is our greatest example. Here are a few sites offering help:

#8 – More Good Books

Finding good Christian books for women can be a challenge. Here are a few sites and books I recommend to help you in your search.

#9 – Dealing with Affliction

Wendy Wallace is my hero. As a quad amputee, her attitude and perspective on life is amazing. This is her book about victory.

#10 – Breaking through the walls we come against in life can be a challenge.

My friend Tami Gaupp writes about her own experience in breaking down the walls that entrap you.

32 Resources

I know, I said – 10 Great Resources for Women in Ministry. However, this is a package deal!
32 different places you can search and you will actually find far more than 32!

I hope you enjoy and are benefitted by the resources outlined here. It’s my desire to see women in ministry be fully equipped to bring Jesus to everyone everywhere.

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