Welcome to Women Ministering! I am Fleda Benne – the founder of Women Ministering and I’m truly grateful to have you here. I live in a small, rural town in Idaho with my wonderful husband, 3 dogs, assorted cats and other creatures all on our farm. We live on a hillside with an amazing view of the beautiful valley we live in. Everyday, I thank God for what He has done for me.

The view from my home as a Spring storm comes across the valley.

I founded Women Ministering as a women who has spent her entire life in ministry, doing everything from Funeral Dinners to being the Pastor. I and my late husband started two smaller churches and also served on staff in three others, including one large church. My great desire is to see women set free to reach their full capacity, overcome obstacles, and fulfill their vision to serve Christ, loving Him with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.

I also founded a faith-based, non-profit serving victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and worked for many years there and with a County Prosecutor’s office working with victims of crime. In 2015, my first husband died in an accident, shattering my world. Eleven months later, I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. I am now cancer-free and remarried to a wonderful man. God has restored my life, hope, and my faith is stronger than ever. I share these things to let you know that I understand what it means to minister in and outside the church and to endure difficult life circumstances. I speak from my own experience.

Women have unique gifts and obstacles when it comes to Christian ministry. For this reason, Women Ministering seeks to be a central site providing access to all types of resources both free and paid. At the same time, the need for personal support is tremendous and Women Ministering provides a place for women in similar circumstances to come together and support one another. Blogs, Bible Studies, links to resources and sites, ministry resources for every department, along with personal interactions and support are all part of what Women Ministering is about.

Join the community of women who are changing the world by sharing God’s love! Women Ministering is dedicated to providing resources, encouragement, connections, and support to women who are serving in any capacity whether in or outside a church.

This is my passion – to provide a place where women fulfilling their calling in Christ can find personal support, resources, and connections to thrive. Be Inspired to Flourish!

You can reach me at:
I would Love to hear from you about any needs you may have.