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The 7 Benefits of Waiting Upon the Lord

7 Benefits of Waiting Patiently Upon the Lord

What are the Benefits of Waiting on the Lord? We will look at them along with the necessary ingredient involved in waiting – patience. Not only are we supposed to wait on the Lord, we are supposed to do it patiently. Patience is a fruit of the Holy Spirit but we usually don’t like to pray for it because, if you pray for it, the tests that require waiting on the Lord will come. But the benefits of waiting on the Lord with patience are so wonderful that is is definitely worth praying for.

How to Love Like Jesus – The Goal of Unselfish Love

How To Love Like Jesus

How to Love Like Jesus How did Jesus love? He loved with complete selflessness – He gave no thought to Himself and laid everything aside for our sake. He became love in human form and demonstrated exactly what God’s love truly is. God’s desire is that we learn how to love like Jesus – the …

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7 Powerful Ways to Stand Firm In Your Faith

7 Powerful Ways to Stand Firm in Your Faith

Fear, lies, pain, doubt, pressure, obstacles, and trials may cause us not to stand firm in our faith. Those things can cause us to bow to them. We pray for healing but it doesn’t seem to come and we begin to doubt, allowing the sickness to turn our eyes away from Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.

Pain can do the same. I was in terrible pain throughout my back and legs when I began to tell God that I would not bow to this. I have prayed for healing as well but still have pain. However, I am not allowing that to cause me to change or give up on my faith in God and His promises. I will not bow down to pain. I will stand against it and any storm that comes to shake me off my position standing on the rock.

44 Uplifting Reasons to Be Honest With Yourself

44 Uplifting Reasons to Be Honest With Yourself

We all need to honest with ourselves but the reasons why might be different than you think! Being honest with yourself can be and should be a positive practice because – it doesn’t mean what you might think it does! It does not mean being critical, depressed, and diving into a pool of self-pity! In fact, the biblical view of self-honesty is just the opposite. So, let’s dive into that pool instead!
Here is the beautiful, fantastic, and freeing truth of being honest with ourselves – in ourself, we are nothing. In Christ, we are everything! To be honest with yourself is to rejoice in what Christ has done and is doing in you! This is who you are are – a child of the living God. That is the honest, absolute truth about you.

Don’t Be Afraid to Dream A New Dream

Don't Be Afraid to Dream A New Dream

Don’t be afraid to dream a new dream or to dream big, even in times of uncertainty, fear, or doubt. It’s not only good to dream big, it’s also good to dream new dreams. Of course, common sense must be applied but we can often be so practical, fearful, and or doubt-filled, that we don’t allow ourselves to dream at all.