Flourishing in Body Soul Spirit

Flourishing in body, soul, and spirit brings balance to our lives. Because we are body, soul, and spirit, all three must flourish.

How to Be Good – 7 Steps to the Goodness of God

How To Be Good - 7 Steps to the Goodness of God

Goodness is an attribute of God we sing about and have created slogans around – God is good all the time – all the time God is good, We see that goodness is also a fruit of the Holy Spirit. Yet, do we really understand goodness in a context other than the opposite of being bad or naughty?
Aside from avoiding being naughty, what does it mean to ‘be good?’ We may know how to be good for goodness sake (in order to get something) but do we know how to develop goodness that brings us in line with the goodness of God? These 7 Steps will show you how to be good and live in God’s goodness.