Flourish in Life

Flourish in Life – You as a person, your family, friends, body, soul, and spirit must all have balance and health.

7 Great Tips to Change Your Attitude

7 Tips To Change Your Attitude

Your mental attitude – where it’s focused – determines your emotional, spiritual, and sometimes physical attitude. For instance, if you have a really bad attitude about your life in general, you may find yourself depressed, lethargic, and lonely. If you have a bad attitude about your job, you probably aren’t doing your best work. What you think can change your attitude in a good or bad way! Use these 7 great tips to change your attitude!

Where Does My Help Come From?

Where Does My Help Come From

In a long period of trials, uncertainty, fear, and upheaval, we may begin to ask this question. Even as committed and mature Christians, we may ask – Where Does My Help Come From? We ask that question because we have prayed, held up our faith, prayed more, and done all that we know to do …

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32 Ways to Encourage Others and Yourself

32 Ways To Encourage Others and Yourself

Join the Challenge to live as an Encourager! Have you ever wished you were better at encouraging others and yourself? Here are 32 biblical ways to encourage others and yourself.