Christian Lifestyle

Christian Lifestyle is a very broad category so the resources on this page may be rather mixed because they simply do not fit easily into a single category.

I do not investigate the foundational beliefs of the authors and leave that to you to make a decision as to whether or not this resource will be workable for your purposes. I am not responsible for the beliefs of others. I will not include anything offensive or anti-Christian.

Simple Life  Simple Life Simple Faith – Simplifying Every Area of Your Life
Devotionals, Books, Audio Broadcasts and Resources to achieve less stress in your life. Say No to Stress and Yes to less.

The Grace to Grow  The Grace To Grow – Living Intentionally, Pursuing Health, Eliminating Toxins, and Growing in Faith.
Resources for Wellness, Personal Growth and Faith, Mom Life and some free downloads

Holistic Faith LIfestyle    Holistic Faith Lifestyle – an intentional, intimate inclusion of and connection to God so that our identity is found fully in who he created and purposed us to be.
Resources for Spiritual Growth, Mind Body Spirit, and Motherhood
Includes some free downloads which may require subscribing.