Christian Writing & Blogging

Christian Writing & Blogging contains links to various sites which will help you as you pursue your dream to write and/or blog for Jesus.

Because of the variety of beliefs, I do NOT verify the beliefs espoused on each site. This is up to you so please review them to make sure that what they stand for is right for you.

Kingdom Bloggers Boot Camp taught me more than I could ever imagined. The course is not free. However, you receive so many things along with hands-on instruction and personalized help. I highly recommend it.

Jerry Jenkins is the author of the Left Behind series and many, many more books. He also provides free assistance for those who are learning to write. In addition, he has a paid course you can sign up for.

Kingdom Bloggers has so much to offer. Maybe you have coffee regularly with a
few ladies and you would like to create a fun gift for them.
Check this out! Click on the image and learn how to make your own images!