How to Increase Your Faith

How to Increase Your Faith: 9 Powerful Steps

If you are a Christian, you have probably heard a lot about faith, yet you may still have questions. Let’s look at how to increase your faith through 9 powerful steps and answer some of those questions at the same time.

How to Increase Your Faith

You can’t see God or faith. It is an intangible, unmeasurable thing. In human terms, we have the need for our senses to be involved – sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch. With faith, those senses are not involved in the way we may wish they were. I have never physically smelled, tasted or touched God.

Christians do talk about hearing God and say things like, “God told me to . . . .” Generally, what they are talking about is a voice in the inner man. The Holy Spirit lives in us and He speaks to us and through us. So, when we say that we heard God tell us something, we not talking about an audible voice.

The ‘seeing’ part of faith is described this way:

  • Faith is the assurance of things you have hoped for, the absolute conviction that there are realities you’ve never seen.” Hebrews 11:1 The Voice

How To Increase Your Faith

This is what faith is – believing in the unseen. In fact, believing to the point that the unseen is more real than what the five senses encounter and encompass. This invisible force called faith assures us of the hope we have in Christ. It is the solid conviction we maintain “that there are realities we’ve never seen.”

This invisible force called faith assures us of the hope we have in Christ. It is the solid conviction we maintain "that there are realities we've never seen." Click To Tweet

So, how do you grow something you can’t see? While you can’t see faith, you can feel it inwardly. You can see its results in your life. You can know of its life-changing impact in your heart and mind. And, yes, you can grow that invisible force in nine ways. You can learn how to increase your faith.

Step 1 – Study the Word

When you accept Christ as your Savior, God gives you a measure of faith.

  • Romajs 12:3 The Voice – “Because of the grace allotted to me, I can respectfully tell you not to think of yourselves as being more important than you are; devote your minds to sound judgment since God has assigned to each of us a measure of faith.
  • John 3:16 TPT – “For this is how much God loved the world – he gave his one and only, unique son as a gift. So now everyone who believes in him will never perish but experience everlasting life.

At salvation, you believed in Jesus, whom you could not physically see, and God gave you a measure of faith. From that beginning point, we are to live a life of faith, and, just as with our physical life, growth is required. The first avenue of growth is food.

9 Ways to Grow Your Faith in God Q1

Study what the bible says about faith

The Bible was given to us for a purpose. It is meant to be food for us and the way we are fed is through study. I’m not talking about reading a scripture each day that pops up on your phone. Study is something much different. The Word tells us why we need the Word:

  • Romans 10:17 NIV – “Consequently, faith comes by hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.”
  • 2 Timothy 3:16-17 TPT – “Every scripture has been written by the Holy Spirit, the breath of God. It will empower you by its instruction and correction, giving you the strength to take the right direction and lead you deeper into the path of godliness. Then you will be God’s servant, fully matured and perfectly prepared to fulfill any assignment God gives you.”
  • Psalm 119:15-16 TPT – “I set my heart on your precepts and pay close attention to all your ways. My delight is found in all your laws and I won’t forget to walk in your words.
  • 2 Timothy 2:15 TPT – “Always be eager to present yourself before God as a perfect and mature minister, as one who correctly explains the Word of Truth.”

Increase Your Faith by Hearing the Word

We grow our faith by hearing the Word. The Word itself empowers, corrects, instructs, gives strength, keeps us on God’s path, makes us mature, and makes us perfectly prepared to fulfill any assignment.

9 Ways to Grow Your Faith in God Q2

The magnitude of the wisdom in the Bible requires study – not just a cursory glance or a forced reading. We all know the difference made in our grades in school when we actually studied rather than just scanning. It’s the same in life. The Word is food that builds our faith and requires true study.

Step 2 – Live the Word

Jesus is the Bread of Life. When we eat physical food, we take it in and it becomes part of us. The Word is the same – we must make it part of us. Here are three ways to make the word part of your being:

  1. Study it.
  2. Live it.
  3. Know it.

These three will result in the growth of your faith. Study causes you to know. Once you know something, you live it. Living it will deepen and strengthen your knowledge of the Word, causing you to desire to study it even more.

There is no prescribed way you must study the Word and no special tools required. In fact, today, there is no excuse for anyone to say they can’t study the Bible. If you have a computer or a smartphone, you have every tool you need and an abundance of them are free. There are many, many studies available to help you do in-depth Bible Studies.

Live Like Christ

We are supposed to live like Christ and strive to be like Him. Each day, we have the opportunity to be more like Him in every way. Studying and making the Word part of you gives you the ability to live the Word. Living the word makes your faith stronger.

9 Ways to Grow Your Faith in God Q3

When you are at work, the more you live out the requirements of the job, the better you become at it. Each day, you practice and learn and become better and better. How much more should this be true in our spiritual lives?

  • James 1:22 The Voice – “Put the word into action. If you think hearing is what matters most, you are going to find you have been deceived.”
  • Matthew 7:21 The Voice – “Not everyone who says to me, “Lord, Lord,” will enter the kingdom of heaven. Simply calling me “Lord” will not be enough. Only those who do the will of my Father who is in heaven will join me in heaven.
  • Colossians 3:1-3 The Voice – “So it comes down to this: since you have been raised with the Anointed One, the Liberating King, set your mind on heaven above. The Anointed One is there, seated at God’s right hand. Stay focused on what’s above, not on earthly things, because your old life is dead and gone. Your new life is now hidden, enmeshed with the Anointed who is in God.”

Step 3 – Know the Word

Know the Word. When I say ‘know,’ I mean – have an intimate and thorough knowledge of. I’m not talking about memorization. While, that is good, not everyone can do it. However, everyone can know the Word of God well enough to be able to discern a truth from a lie when it comes to teaching about the Word.

9 Ways to Grow Your Faith in God Q4

I have often referred to a Scripture in the Book of Acts about the people from the town of Berea. They were commended for an action they took. The Apostles had come to their city teaching about Jesus and telling people how the Old Testament, the only written Scripture at that time, foretold the coming of Jesus. Here is what was said of the Bereans:

  • Acts 17:10-11 TPT – “That night the believers sent Paul and Silas off to the city of Berea, where they again went into the synagogue. They found that the Jews of Berea were of more noble character and much more open-minded than those of Thessalonica. They were hungry to learn and eagerly received the word. Every day they opened the scrolls of scripture to search and examine them. to verify that what Paul taught them was true.”

You need to examine the Word for yourself. For instance, you need to go the Bible yourself to see if my words are true! Don’t just blindly accept what I say. Search and examine the Word to verify every teaching you hear. The Word will build your faith in God because you will know Him.

Step 4 – Pray At All Times

Our faith is IN GOD. He is a living being as is Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit lives inside you! Could you imagine having someone live in your house but you never spoke to them or knew anything about them? How would you get to know them? The best way would be by talking to them.

9 Ways to Grow Your Faith in God Q5

I have many friends and we get together and talk. We share about our lives and about ourselves internally. If I’m struggling, I can call one of them and talk – tell them what is going on. If something wonderful happens, I want to tell someone. It is the same with family, close friends, acquaintances, fellow church-goers, and co-workers. We talk to them. Some are close, intimate friends and some are not, but we talk, at some level, to all of them.

In order to know God, you need to converse with Him in prayer. You talk and He listens. He talks and you listen. That’s a conversation and we need to have them with Him all the time.

  • 1 John 5:14 TPT – “Since we have this confidence, we can also have great boldness before him, for if we present any request agreeable to his will, he will hear us.”
  • Ephesians 6:17-18 TPT – “Embrace the power of salvation’s full deliverance, like a helmet to protect your thoughts from lies. And take the mighty razor-sharp Spirit-sword of the word of God. Pray passionately in the Spirit, as you constantly intercede with every form of prayer at all times. Pray the blessings of God upon all his believers.”
  • Mark 11:24 TPT – “This is the reason I urge you to boldly believe for whatever you ask in prayer – believe that you have received it and it will be yours.

Notice the actions – boldness, present, embrace, pray passionately, intercede, boldly believe. The action continues in the next three verses – be saturated, offer, tell, be faithful to pray, celebrate, pray constantly, and give thanks!

  • Philippians 4:6 TPT – “Don’t be pulled in different directions or worried about a thing. Be saturated in prayer throughout each day, offering your faith-filled requests before God with overflowing gratitude. Tell him every detail of your life.”
  • Colossians 4:2 TPT – ” Be faithful to pray as intercessors who are fully alert and giving thanks to God.”
  • 1 Thessalonians 5:15-18 The Voice – “Make sure no one returns evil for evil, but always pursue what is good as it affects one another in the church but also all people. Celebrate always, pray constantly, and give thanks to God no matter what circumstances you find yourself in, (This is God’s will for all of you in Jesus the Anointed).”

Step 5 – Pray in All Circumstances

Prayer and All are the key words. We pray regardless of our feelings, circumstances, or timing. I have prayed many prayers when I did not feel like praying. I have prayed in the worst of circumstances and the best. I have prayed and heard nothing from God. I have prayed and heard everything I needed from God.

Step 6 – Submit All to God Through Prayer

I have submitted my life and circumstances to Him when I didn’t want to because I was miserable, but I obeyed the Word and did it regardless.

9 Ways to Grow Your Faith in God Q6

He is with us always so we should be in communication with Him always.

Step 7 – Spend Time With Friends Who Challenge You to Be Better

What does that have to do with faith? We were created to need one another. God wanted fellowship with us and Jesus restored that relationship so that we could communicate and share our lives with Him. It is important to be in fellowship with other Christians because together, we are the Body of Christ. I’m not just referring to being in a church when I talk about fellowship. I have been in a church my entire life, but know many committed Christians who are not in a church. However, they do have fellowship with other Christians through various types of meetings whether in a large group or just a few.

Growing our Faith through Fellowship involves these three steps:

  • Regular time with friends who challenge us to grow in Christ
  • Teaching that encourages and build our faith
  • Involvement that activates our faith

We are stronger together. Accountability should be part of our lives. I need someone who knows me well enough to hold me up when I’m weak. I need someone who knows me well enough to lovingly tell me when I’m wrong and help me get back on track. I need someone I can complain to, cry on, laugh with, brainstorm with, build up, be built up by, and share life with.

9 Ways to Grow Your Faith in God Q7

Build your faith through fellowship

Yes, this strengthens my faith. When I see them struggling and then overcoming, I am encouraged in my faith. When I’m low and they help me up, my faith is built. The New Testament talks about fellowship.

Step 8 – Build your Faith Through Teaching

  • Acts 2:42 The Voice – “The community continually committed themselves to learning what the apostles taught them, gathering for fellowship, breaking bread, and praying.”
  • 1 Corinthians 14:26 The Voice – “What should you do then, brothers and sisters? When you come together, each person has a vital role because each has gifts. One person might have a song, another a lesson to teach, still another a revelation from God. One person might speak in an unknown language, another will offer interpretation, but all of this should be done to strengthen the life and faith of the community.”
  • Colossians 3:16 The Voice – “Let the word of the Anointed One richly inhabit your lives. With all wisdom teach, counsel and instruct one another. Sing the psalms, compose hymns and songs inspired by the Spirit and keep on singing – singing – sing to God from hearts full and spilling over with thankfulness.

Fellowship is also an active entity that builds our faith, changes us and changes others.

Step 9 – Build your Faith Through Involvement

  • Hebrews 10:24-25 TPT – “Discover creative ways to encourage others and to motivate them toward acts of compassion, doing the beautiful works as expressions of love. This is not the time to pull away and neglect meeting together as some have formed the habit of doing, because we need each other! In fact, we should come together even more frequently, eager to encourage and urge each other onward as we anticipate that day dawning.
  • Romans 1:11-12 TPT – “I yearn to come and be face-to-face with you and get to know you. For I long to impart to you the gift of the Spirit that will empower you to stand strong in your faith. Now, this means that when we come together and are side-by-side, something wonderful will be released. We can expect to be co-encouraged and co-comforted by each other’s faith.
  • 1 Thessalonians 5:10-11 TPT – “He gave his life for us so that we may share in resurrection life in union with him – whether we’re awake or asleep. Because of this, encourage the hearts of your fellow believers and support one another, just as you have already been doing.

There are three parts to the Christian Fellowship we seek and they all involve faith.

Faith is an active word. It is a noun but it is also a verb. James said that faith that doesn’t go to work (doing) is phony!

  • James 2:14-17 TPT – “My dear brothers and sisters, what good is it if someone claims to have faith but demonstrates no good works to prove it? How could this kind of faith save anyone? For example, if a brother or sister in the faith is poorly clothed and hungry and you leave them saying, “Good-bye, I hope you stay warm and have plenty to eat,” but you don’t provide them with a coat or even a cup of soup, what good is your faith? So then faith that doesn’t involve any action is phony.
  • James 2:26 TPT – “For just as the human body without the spirit is a dead corpse so faith without the expression of good works is dead.”

Build Life-Changing Faith by Learning How To Increase Your Faith

True, life-changing faith produces a desire within us to help others just as Jesus did. Jesus didn’t go sit in a hut somewhere and wait for people to come to Him. The Father said Go and then Jesus told us to Go. We go in order to act on our faith.

True, life-changing faith produces a desire within us to help others just as Jesus did. Jesus didn't go sit in a hut somewhere and wait for people to come to Him. The Father said Go and then Jesus told us to Go. We Go in order to act… Click To Tweet

Works of faith include everything from praying for someone to smiling at a stranger who’s having a bad day. It can be a card sent to encourage, or hugging a friend who is grieving. It includes sharing the gospel with and without words. Faith shares itself with others to build and encourage them.

Summary of the 9 Ways to Grow Your Faith in God:

  • The Word
    • Study it
    • Live it
    • Know it
  • Prayer
    • At all times
    • In all circumstances
    • Submitting all to God
  • Christian Fellowship
    • Time spent with friends who lovingly challenge you upward
    • Teaching that encourages you in your faith
    • Involvement to activate and grow your faith
9 Ways to Grow Your Faith in God Q8

Through good and bad, our faith is the most important, sustaining factor in our lives. Our faith can help us to take dominion over our emotions, carrying them to the cross as we obey the Word of Faith in our lives. Because the Word, prayer, and fellowship are all active not passive, they change us.

  • The Word is alive. Hebrews 4:12 TPT – “For we have the living Word of God, which is full of energy, and it pierces more sharply than a two-edged sword. It will even penetrate to the very core of our being where soul and spirit, bone and marrow meet! It interprets and reveals the true thoughts and secret motives of our hearts.”
  • Prayer produces life in us and others. James 5:16 TPT – “Confess and acknowledge how you have offended one another and then pray for one another to be instantly healed, for tremendous power is released through the passionate, heartfelt prayer of a godly believer.
  • Fellowship encourages life in Christ. Romans 12:9-10 TPT – “Let the inner movement of your heart always be to love one another, and never play the role of an actor wearing a mask. Despise evil and embrace everything that is good and virtuous. Be devoted to tenderly loving your fellow believers as members of one family. Try to outdo yourselves in respect and honor of one another.”

Receive all God has for you by opening yourself up to grow your faith. Be encouraged and inspired to flourish in every area of your life. Let the love of God flow richly.

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