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It’s all about what ‘leading’ really means and how to do it and be yourself. I think you’ll love it!

Women around the world are sharing their lives and the love of Jesus wherever they are. How To Lead Like A Girl means to lead with the innocent enthusiasm every girl has, but with the wisdom gained through life’s rolling circumstances.


Women Ministering was founded to encourage women, connect them, give them resources to use in their personal lives, and to share with others. It was also started to help women see that they minister inside and OUTSIDE the walls of a church. Since ministry is simply serving and sharing the good news Jesus brought, everyone can share it anywhere, anytime. You don’t need a title. If you have one, that’s awesome and WM is for you too! If you don’t, it doesn’t matter! You are qualified as an ambassador for the kingdom of God.

So I encourage you to find your freedom in Christ to fulfill your calling in Him because you are already a woman ministering in the Kingdom.

Thanks so much –

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Fleda Bennie