Kids Free Printable Bible Verse Coloring Pages

Kid’s Free Printable Bible Verse Coloring Pages

It’s time to go back to school and you’re looking for activities for your kids, especially if you’re home schooling or doing alternate days at home. These Kid’s Free Printable Bible Verse Coloring Pages will not only give them something to do, they will give you some teaching material. There are 9 pages on the Fruit of the Spirit, 2 on creation, and 4 more on a variety of subjects including a front page they can personalize.

It's time to go back to school and you're looking for activities for your kids, especially if you're home schooling or doing alternate days at home. These Kid's Free Printable Bible Verse Coloring Pages will not only give them… Click To Tweet

In addition, there are some great coloring pages for you! The first is God’s Love Coloring Pages, then Women Changing the World, and last is scripture coloring pages from the James Chapter One. It’s all free! It’s a bonus week for sure. Faith coloring pages for adults can also be used as a teaching tool when you and your children are talking about any aspect of faith. Links to everything are at the bottom of this blog.

Tips For Using Bible Coloring Pages

First – Bible Study Tools

Getting your kids into the Bible as early as possible is so valuable because they grow up learning that the Word of God applies to every part of their lives. Most children like to color and scripture coloring pages are a perfect way to help them learn about studying their Bible. So, having free printable bible verse coloring pages will give them an extra incentive.

Kids Free Printable Bible Verse Coloring Pages

If the kids have their own Bibles, they can look up each verse in their Bible. This will let them see the verse in context while learning to find things in their very own Bibles. Here’s a post from Study Your Bible Now about 12 Wonderful Bibles For Children. If your child doesn’t already have their own Bible, this will give you some great ideas.

Kids need to see that the Bible is a valuable thing to you and then understand why. As they use these bible verse coloring pages, see the verses in the Bible, and talk about them with you, they will begin to understand and have a tangible resource they can look at whenever they want.

Second – Teaching Tools

Kids coloring pages can be used to teach more than just Bible lessons. Spelling, punctuation, and grammar are included because there may be words they don’t understand or are they learning how to spell. At one time, the Bible was the book used in school to teach grammar, punctuation, and spelling! It’s a great resource.

The kids can re-write the scriptures themselves or copy them from their Bibles as they practice their handwriting and punctuation skills.

Printable bible verse coloring pages are also useful for life lessons. The 9 pages on the fruit of the Spirit can help you when you’re encountering behavior problems or questions. If someone is being mean to your child, you can point out the verses on love and patience, color them, and talk about them.

Oftentimes, the Bible is a mystery to kids. They see the big Bibles their parents carry and they hear the verses in Sunday school but the Book is still a mystery to them. By using kids coloring pages, connecting them to life events, and seeing them in context in their Bible, children begin to see the Book in a completely different way.

Third – Family Conversations

Bible verse coloring pages provide a perfect way to start up family conversations. For instance, what is ‘goodness?’ It’s a fruit of Spirit but the word can be rather meaningless to a child. A conversation about being good and living a life of goodness or being good will make the concept real to your kids.

They know what fruit are and you can get 9 different types, put them on the table and ask your children to decide which fruit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, or self-control. They’ll have fun with it and there’s a lesson there about growing fruit in the natural and the spiritual. Plant something like a tomato plant that bears fruit and have them nurture it and watch it grow. Then, you can easily connect the physical fruit to the spiritual one.

Fourth – Coloring Contests

If you have a couple of kids (or more) who like to color, you can have a contest to see who colors the most pictures in one week. Or, who looked in their own Bible and found all the Scriptures they colored. You can be part of the competition with your own coloring pages or using the kid’s pages!

Fifth – Faith Building

You can also use a couple of pages for the children and have a contest looking up the definitions of words. Then, during your family conversations or prayer times, you can discuss what the kids learned and pray with them over each scripture.

Sixth – Sharing Jesus

Because you have instant access to free printable bible verse coloring pages, you can print extras and your children’s friends can color them as well. It’s a gentle way to bring the Word of God to kids who might not be seeing it anywhere else. The children will probably talk while they color and they might even talk about God and Jesus!

Lots of people put together gift bags for kids and families in need. You could print these Bible verse coloring pages, buy some crayons, and include them in a gift box. Most people love the Bible, but they may not have one and may not be attending a church. These pages are a way to give them the Word while having some fun with their kids.

Seventh – Gifts

Have your kids color some pages for their Grandparents. Your parents will thank you because Grandparents see everything their grandchildren do as beautiful! Put them in a frame or have them printed out on photo paper. Let your kids participate in this with you. Let them pick one they really like and color it especially for someone else.

Eighth – Coloring Party

Have a coloring party and use these pages for all the kids. Again, it’s a gentle way to share the Word with kids while they do something they really enjoy.

Ninth – Learning to Pray the Word

Praying the Word is needed for kids and adults. Whether it’s one scripture or a section, personalizing the Word of God and then praying it back to Him is a highly faith-building practice. For kids, you can take the verse and simplify it for them. For instance, perseverance can be “I won’t quit.” As you teach your kids how to turn the Word into a prayer, you create a habit within in them that will bring strength and hope for the rest of their lives!

Free Printable Bible Verse Coloring Pages

Free Printable Bible Verse Coloring Pages are a tool that can be used in so many ways! Those for adults can be used in a variety of ways also. You can hang them up somewhere in your home for all the family to see and at the end of a week, sit down as a family and discuss them. Or, use them for memorization contests. You can color your pages while meditating on the Scritpture and using it for prayer.

There are Coloring Bibles and Journaling/Coloring Bibles that are beautiful and inspirational. Free printable bible verse coloring pages can get you started so you have more confidence about coloring in your own Bible. This blog – 10 Best Study Bibles For Women – includes some Bibles you can color and/or journal in.

There’s something about coloring that helps imprint the words into your heart. Combine it with meditating on the Word and praying the Word and you have a recipe for success!

You can also use the Bible verse coloring pages to help memorize the Word. Put them in your car, bathroom, kitchen, work desk (if allowed), and anywhere else you want. Then take a minute, look at the scripture, look away and try to repeat it. Visitors to your home or car will see them and be exposed to the Word of God. In fact, they might even ask you some questions about it.

Make Your Own

Try making your own printable bible verse coloring pages. I use a program called Canva and use the Pro version. But, the free version is great and offers so much. You can easily create your own coloring pages with the Scriptures that mean the most to you.

Create A Notebook

Something else you can do is go buy a binder and fill it with yours and your children’s creations! Your kids might want their very own notebooks. Keep them all or just keep the ones that are especially meaningful to you. Perhaps you were going through a difficult time and one particular verse got you through. Keep it in your notebook. Or, there might have been an exciting event that was taking place at the same time you colored a bible verse coloring page. Keep that one too!

There are so many uses for free printable bible verse pages and you can find more pages like these simply by using the title of this blog in a search engine. There are a huge variety of them for children and adults and many of them are free.

I hope you enjoy all the coloring pages. The links are below and you can just click on each picture and download the file to your computer. From there, you can print all of them or just a few. Enjoy the Word of God and make it an exciting and fun learning adventure for your kids.

Kids Free Printable Bible Verse Coloring Pages
God's Love Coloring Pages
Women Changing the World Coloring Pages
James 1 Coloring Pages
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**WM uses verses from different Bible translations. To see more information about the copyright for each one, please visit this page – Scripture Citations.

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