8 Steps to Live Your Purpose and Passion

8 Steps to Live Your Purpose and Passion

We often ask what our purpose is. As Christians, the Word has clarified our primary purpose and tells us how to know God’s will for our lives. As we combine purpose and passion, time can erode our passion and cause us to question our purpose. There are 8 steps to live your purpose and passion.

What’s Your Purpose?

Perhaps you aren’t sure of your exact purpose but you know you want to live your purpose. Let’s look at some scripture about our purpose and God’s will for our lives.

  • 1 Peter 2:9 TPT,But you are God’s chosen treasure—priests who are kings, a spiritual “nation” set apart as God’s devoted ones. He called you out of darkness to experience his marvelous light, and now he claims you as his very own. He did this so that you would broadcast his glorious wonders throughout the world.
    • You might read that and feel that you are underachieving since you are not traveling the world. Remember, Peter was writing a letter to a city and the church within it, not just one person. This verse gives you a clear identity – Priests who are Kings, a nation set apart, devoted ones, and God’s own. Then you are given a purpose – share God’s glory wherever you go.
  • Ephesians 2:10 TPT,We have become his poetry, a re-created people that will fulfill the destiny he has given each of us, for we are joined to Jesus, the Anointed One. Even before we were born, God planned in advance our destiny and the good works we would do to fulfill it!”
    • Here, we see that God has a destiny (purpose) for each of us. We are joined to Jesus, and part of our destiny is to do good works, or to do what Jesus did. One way we do this is by fulfilling His new commandment to love another in the same way He loves us. That is a good work.
  • Matthew 28:18-20 TPT, “Then Jesus came close to them and said, “All the authority of the universe has been given to me.  Now go in my authority and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  And teach them to faithfully follow all that I have commanded you. And never forget that I am with you every day, even to the completion of this age.”
    • Jesus gave a detailed set of directions for us. First, we have His power and we are to live (go forth) in His authority. We are to make disciples and baptize them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In addition, we are to teach them to faithfully follow God’s commands. I might be the one to share my story of salvation with someone (in my nation) and, later, someone else baptized them. I may teach God’s commands to a person that I did not bring to salvation or baptize. We each have a part in the totality of Jesus’ direction to us. This was a directive for all the ages to come after Jesus was taken back into heaven.
  • Romans 12:2 TPT, “Stop imitating the ideals and opinions of the culture around you, but be inwardly transformed by the Holy Spirit through a total reformation of how you think. This will empower you to discern God’s will as you live a beautiful life, satisfying and perfect in his eyes.”
    • We have to stop imitating the culture around us and continually be inwardly transformed – a total reformation of how we think. Then we can discern God’s will.
  • Philippians 1:6 TPT, “I pray with great faith for you, because I’m fully convinced that the One who began this glorious work in you will faithfully continue the process of maturing you and will put his finishing touches to it until the unveiling of our Lord Jesus Christ!
    • Here is one to help you relax. God will continue His work of maturing you. We just need to be sensitive and obedient and He will get us where we need to be. Remember, He is a big, big God – bigger than all our fears, worries, doubts, and failures.

Live Your Purpose

We are all united in one purpose – to share the Glory of God with the world. Then, individually, we have purpose. For most of my life I have been in ministry – serving Christians. I have done that in various capacities – being a wife and mother, teaching, pastoring, leading worship, being part of worship team, working in church administration, and running a faith-based non-profit. Today, I am a writer and blogger. My individual purpose and method of fulfilling God’s purpose for me life has changed over time as I lived my purpose.

It’s probably the same for you. Stages of life may bring change in how our purpose is worked out. A change in method can be a wonderful event filling us with renewed passion in our service to God. At other times, a change in method can feel like the end of your life because something your were passionate about died. At other times, the method hasn’t changed, the passion just dissipated and now you are doing something you’re not sure about because you lack passion. Yet, you know that God’s desire is for you to live your purpose everyday.

Live Your Passion

I recently experienced the loss of passion and purpose. I love writing – it is a passion. Last year, I started this blog to bring inspiration and encouragement to women in ministry. I had a great passion for it. Then, someone said something to me, that was like water poured on a fire – the flame went out and I questioned what I was doing. I lost motivation and wondered if I had made a mistake in even starting this.

By living your purpose with passion – you can Live Your Best Life.

I kept going. but it was hard because those discouraging words kept revolving in my mind. Then, I received some new words – some from God and some from people. God had been saying one thing to me over and over – don’t change what you;re doing – yet, here I was thinking of doing exactly that because of someone else’s words.

Keep Your Passion

I’m very thankful that God repeats Himself! He said it to me again. Even though someone had told me to make changes I didn’t want to make, God was saying – don’t change what you’re doing. And, others chimed in confirming what God had told me. That did not instantly bring the passion back. It has taken me weeks and weeks to feel that passion again.

So, how do you find your passion again? How do you rebuild that flame? Simply by keeping going. Don’t stop unless God says to. Continue in obedience to Him. Continue in your passion for God. “Be enthusiastic to serve the Lord, keeping your passion toward him boiling hot! Radiate with the glow of the Holy Spirit and let him fill you with excitement as you serve him,” Romans 12:11 TPT

The way to maintain your purpose and your passion is through perseverance! The three P’s for life. I kept doing what I was doing, obeying what God was saying, and fulfilling my purpose in Him. The passion is for Him – not necessarily for my purpose – a passion to live my purpose.

What is Passion?

Passion is a feeling. I love this quote by Braden Thompson:

I like to use the word passion interchangeably with words like determination, conviction, and love. Passion is a strong desire that can get you to do amazing things. Passion is an emotion to be acted upon. Without action, passion yields no worthwhile results. Passion is the fuel in the fire of action. When you have passion for something, you love it even when you hate it.

Passion is a wonderful force in our lives involving determination and perseverance. Yet, because it is an emotion, we are not to be led by it. We are led by the Holy Spirit, following His direction and voice. We are led by the Word. We are not led by feelings. Feelings (emotions) are wonderful but completely transient. My ‘feelings’ can change based on weather! My feelings can also change based on words. They are unreliable.

So, our passion must be fixed on God who never changes. We must persevere in our purpose and passion for God whether we ‘feel’ it or not. My passion has returned because of perseverance in pursuing my purpose at this time of my life, and my passion to follow the Word and God’s will for me. Even when I don’t feel it, the passion for my God is there. He is my life and breath – that is passion. It fuels my perseverance.

What’s Your Passion?

Right at this moment, what’s your passion? Maybe you are reading this because you don’t think you have a passion for anything right now. That’s fine! Set yourself free from the belief that you must ‘feel’ passionate about God and your purpose at all times. it’s simply not true. You can obey and persevere without feeling passion. In fact, you may feel like I did – like you made a mistake but you’re going to keep plodding along a little longer. The key is – are you being obedient to God regardless of how you feel? If so, you are doing great. Relax, persevere, and remember God has not stopped working inside you.

God will continually revitalize you, implanting within you the passion to do what pleases him.” Philippians 2:3 TPT

Whether you feel it or not, God is continually at work inside you. Just keep doing what pleases Him. Faith over feelings with get you through every time. You can live your purpose without feeling totally ecstatic about it all the time.

God’s Purpose For Us

There is a famous book called Purpose Driven Life by Pastor Rick Warren. Here are his 5 Purposes for Life:

  1. We were planned for God’s pleasure.
  2. We were formed for God’s family.
  3. We were created to become like Christ.
  4. We were shaped for serving God.
  5. We were made for a mission.

Part of that involves narrowing things down to what you can do. What is God saying? What is right in front of you at this moment? Maybe you are a young Mother and, while you love your children, you feel like you want to do something more for God. First, of course, raising children in the way they should go is a calling in itself. Second, the time will come for this phase of your life to change and you will do something more, something different – maybe many somethings – living your purpose in a variety of ways.

Start Where you Are

What if you are working at a job you hate but you can’t quit because you need the money? Take, a little of your spare time and take pictures of something you love, journal about it, join a club of other people who love it too, and then use every opportunity you have to share about God. Just saying – I’m so glad God helped me find this group – is sharing God’s glory. Start where you are with what you have right at this moment and let it grow and develop as you persevere in your love and obedience for God!

8 Steps to Live Your Purpose and Passion

Step 1 – Take Time to Evaluate What You Have

What do you already have around you? When I started writing, I had a computer and the internet. I started investigating what it took to be a writer. I talked to friends, went to a Writer’s Conference, read books, and talked to more people. I did this while working and going through cancer treatment. I just started writing. I’m not a famous author, but my little book – How to Win After Loss – has helped many people. I’ve given away many copies and sold some. My ‘purpose’ was to help others who might have gone through what I did and – I have fulfilled that. In fact, I still am. I just started with what I had.

Step 2 – Do Something

We all tend to minimize what we do. Yet, God does not! I will never be super wealthy or famous and I’m good with that. I have things that mean far more than that and so do you – friends and family who love me, a home, etc. Don’t talk yourself out of whatever your purpose is. Don’t minimize it. Instead, start doing something. Get on the internet and start googling what you’re thinking about. Action is necessary to live your purpose.

Step 3 – Pray

I know, you think that should be step 1. Yes, it is part of every step. But, you need to continue to pray and seek God’s voice. Remember, I said He doesn’t mind repeating Himself. When doubts or fear creep in – pray. Keep praying and listening and obeying. Tell God that you have decided to live your purpose and you need His help.

Step 4 – Feed Your Passion to Please God

You already know how to do this but we will review it. We feed our passion for anything by immersing ourselves in it. Read the Word, worship, pray, study the Word, pray, spend time with other Christians, pray, and worship – live your purpose!

Step 5 – Keep Things in the Right Perspective

Your purpose is to serve, please, and obey God. Your method comes through His distinct voice to you. Your feelings are not to be obeyed and your passion may have an ebb and flow – even the ocean withdraws but it always comes back. Perseverance, Purpose, Passion – in that order. The first 2 will take care of the third. And, the third will rise up when you need it most and expect it least.

Step 6 – Don’t Stop

Never stop seeking God and His will for you. Never stop being obedient. Never let fear overcome faith. Don’t stop listening to and following the Holy Spirit. Your goal is not recognition from the world – your goal is to please God. Yes, you will have times of stopping to meditate, get new direction, make a change, and to just listen. But, even resting is part of moving continually toward the goal and finishing the race! This is how to live your purpose as Paul did.

Step 7 – Enjoy the Process and Allow For Change

I was only going to write books. I never considered being a blogger. I was going to write books that were Bible Studies and Self-Help. However, along the way, God opened a new path. I’m still writing books and I am writing blogs, and Bible Studies and providing self-help resources. What I initially saw was only the beginning!

Enjoying the process can be hard because we take this whole Christianity thing very seriously and – yes, we should. However, we are also meant to have joy. Jesus said He came to give us His joy and that we might have an abundant life! If He changes your picture, embrace and enjoy! Live your purpose with joy.

Step 8 – Micah 6:8

No. He has told you, mortals, what is good in His sight. What else does the Eternal ask of you
But to live justly and to love kindness and to walk with your True God in all humility?
Micah 6:8 The Voice

There it is in two sentences. Do what is right in God’s eyes according to His Word, love kindness, and walk your life in humility. We can all do that! If you ‘live’ according to God’s commands, you automatically have a purpose. If you ‘love’ kindness, your passion for kindness will cause you to live and act in a kind way toward everyone and everything. If you ‘walk’ in humility, you are persevering. This is all God requires.

You Can Live Your Purpose and Keep Your Passion

You are important. Your purpose is important. There are people you can influence that no one else can. God sees you and you should never minimize your importance to Him. Purpose, Passion, and Perseverance – keep those three in mind all the time. They will help you maintain the mindset to live your purpose.

If you start to think you are not important, think about Zaccheus – Luke 19:1-10. He was a short man who had a life-changing encounter with Jesus. In addition to being short, he was a tax collector which meant he had far more enemies than friends. He was also rich which made him even more unpopular. But, He wanted to see Jesus so he climbed up a tree.

Jesus Saw Zaccheus

Jesus, who was surrounded by a large crowd, saw him and made His way over to Zaccheus. When He got to him, He called Him by name and then invited Himself over to Zaccheus house! Jesus knew His name. God knows your name and the number of hairs on your head. A tax collector was worthless in the eyes of the Jews but not in the eyes of Jesus.

The crowd murmured and complained when Jesus walked away with this tax collector. Yet, Zaccheus’ life was transformed. He began giving to the poor and repaid what he had stolen. Here is a quote from Biblestudytools.com that shows us how important we all are:

Jesus Makes the Unworthy Worthy

“The incident reveals the Christian truth that just as the publican Zaccheus was regarded by the rest of the Jews as a sinner and renegade who was unworthy to be numbered among the sons of Abraham, and was yet chosen by our Lord to be His host, so the social outcast of modern life is still a son of God, within whose heart the spirit of Christ is longing to make its abode. “For the Son of man came to seek and to save that which was lost” (Luke 19:10).” Biblestudytools.com

My motto for WM is – Be Inspired to Flourish. I pray that this blog helps you do exactly that – flourish in your purpose and passion for God. Live your purpose starting today!

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**WM uses verses from different Bible translations. To see more information about the copyright for each one, please visit this page – Scripture Citations.

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  1. Great post about finding your purpose and passion. I have been lacking passion for what I think God h as given me to do. This post has helped reignite my fire and passion for God and my purpose.

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