Preparing Your Heart for More of God


A 14 Day Course to cleanse and renew your heart, inspiring you to flourish and fulfill God’s purpose in your life.

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Preparing Your Heart for More of God is a self-paced, 14 day EBook/Course which guides you through a process of examining and cleansing your heart. We must always know the condition of our heart, mind, and conscience and this course focuses on your heart!

At the end of 14 days (or whatever time-range fits your life) your heart will be conditioned to receive more and more  Рall that God has for you.

On the first day, you will read about the subject for that day. On day two, you will complete the Positive Personal Inventory which help you see what is in your heart, what it’s condition is, and then make the necessary changes. If you are feeling dry, loss of hope, or in need of healing from hurt and disappointment, you will be guided through healing.

The seven topics covered are:

  • Chapter 1 – What is the Condition of My Heart?
  • Chapter 2 – A New and Clean Heart and Mind
  • Chapter 3 – God Looks at the Heart
  • Chapter 4 – What Do You Treasure?
  • Chapter 5 – A Broken and Humble Heart
  • Chapter 6 – What is Your Heart Reflecting?
  • Chapter 7 – Never Lose Heart

There are also links to resources for you to use and free downloads to aid you as you reach forward to be the woman God created you to be! Be Inspired to Flourish with this course.


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