Small Group Ministry

Leading Small Groups holds the rewards of growth and new friendships. Links to websites, articles, podcasts and more are geared to help you as you lead a group and serve the people involved. Small Groups can be about so many topics that it is hard to provide all of them here. I will do my best and if there is something you are looking for an can’t find, let me know and I will try to help. Just email me at

Some sites will require that you subscribe to the blog which hosts them. Others will not. The majority are free to use, however, others may have a cost associated with them.

As stated previously, you are responsible to ensure that the materials are suitable for your individual use. Beliefs vary from person-to-person so choose only what is right for you. I am not responsible for the beliefs of others. I will not use anything offensive or anti-Christian.

10 Things Millenials Are Looking For In Small Groups – This is an article which contains helpful tips on what Millenials are looking for, how to start a small group and how to maintain one. This is a link to the article.There are also other links to articles about Millenials.

Walking With God    Life Church Small Groups – We learn and grow in community, so we’ve compiled a set of Small Groups studies that help lead your attenders to become fully devoted followers of Christ.
A large, free selection of studies. The MP4 files can be downloaded for use in a small group. Walking With God is just one of many studies available. I’m not sure that all are free so please investigate on your own.