Special Needs Families

Special Needs Families are those who are dealing with illness or tragedy which has altered their family either temporarily or permanently. For instance, I have an adult son who has Young Onset Parkinsons. His family has become a Special Needs family. These families are in need of support and encouragement which may differ from that of others. I have another friend, whose posts you will see here, who lost her feet and arms to disease in addition to dealing with cancer. The needs for herself and her family are now altered by this life-event.

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One Exceptional Life – Everyday Inspiration from a Quad Amputee 
Free resources and valuable lifestyle information
There are so many downloadable resources here to bring you hope and inspiration. Written by a quad amputee who also conquered cancer.

Lullaby LarkLullaby Lark – from my Mama heart to yours. Special needs resources for parents.
The author speaks from personal experience having a child with a chronic lung disease. Multiple articles and free download which may require a subscription