Teen and Young Adult Ministries

Teens and Young Adults need leaders who sincerely care for them and can model what it means to be a Spirit-led Christian. You will find links to websites, podcasts, book, videos and articles.

Some sites will require that you subscribe to the blog which hosts them. Others will not. The majority are free to use, however, others may have a cost associated with them.

As stated previously, you are responsible to ensure that the materials are suitable for your individual use. Beliefs vary from person-to-person so choose only what is right for you. I am not responsible for the beliefs of others. I will not use anything offensive or anti-Christian.

Right Now MediaRIght Now Media – Requires you to create a log in. You may do so courtesy of Center Point Church by sending an email to contact@womenministering. We will then send you an email with an invitation to join for free.
This is a media driven site with videos for every area of ministry – Singles, Bible Studies, Personal Study, Topical Studies, Marriage, Parenting, etc.

Rock Solid FaithRock Solid Faith
For Young Christian women pursuing God.
Articles on many areas of life along with free downloads and more. May require subscribing to the site to obtain downloads.