Welcome to Women Ministering

Women Ministering Fulfilling Their Calling

I want to welcome you to Women Ministering. I am so excited to have you join me in this adventure! Throughout the Bible you find faith-filled women ministering, exhibiting their grace, gifts, and strength while serving God. Women of every nation and status whose love for God and mankind have been presented in varied ways. Today, women serving in churches or other ministry areas do a little of everything. They served with Jesus, the Apostles and throughout history. Women ministering and fulfilling the call of God on their lives.

What Does “Ministering” Mean?

What does “ministering” mean? The freedictionary.com says, “one who is authorized to perform religious functions in a Christian church; An authorized diplomatic representative of a government; a person serving as an agent for another by carrying out specified orders or functions; and, to attend to the wants and needs of others.”

We have been authorized by Christ to go into all the world making disciples and sharing the good news of Jesus. He made us diplomatic representatives of the kingdom of God and women have always attended to the wants and needs of others.

With this wonderful army of devoted and passionate women covering the globe in mind, Women Ministering was founded to bring them support, resources, encouragement, and relationship. Why? Because the world needs us and we need each other.

Women Serving the Body of Christ

I am Fleda Bennie and I founded Women Ministering. It was born of my passion to see women given access to additional tools and a network of support to strengthen the body of Christ. From Children’s Ministry to Prayer Ministry, serving the homeless or leading a Bible Study, the goal of WM is be there to help. I have spent my life in ministry both in and outside the church. From Funeral Dinners to Pastor and founding a non-profit for victims of violence, I have served alongside wonderful women and men whose goal was to build others up in their faith. Most of my time has been spent in smaller churches where budgets are often stretched very thin. In those situations, the need for access to curriculum, handouts, and other supplies which are either free or inexpensive is great. We all want to be effective in our ministry leadership.

The Roles of Women in Ministry and Life

My husband, Don, and I served together until his death in 2015 and I continue to serve in various capacities in my church. I know about being the Pastor’s wife, raising Pastor’s Kids, heading up ministries in the church, having to be able to do everything from bookkeeping to web design to leading worship. I learned to play the piano! All Pastor’s wives will understand that!

My great passion is to see women who are ministering set free from guilt, shame, comparison, and depression by forming new connections. Because God never shames us or belittles us, we will not do this to each other.

It is my prayer at WM to not only provide a doorway of access to supplies, curriculum, Bible Studies and more. I also want to connect women who are ministering. Because of the internet, a woman in Ireland can connect to one in Arkansas. Their situations may be very diverse but the need for support and resources is the same!

Unified in Christ and Speaking With One Voice of Wisdom

As we find our power in Christ, we are united. When one cannot hold their arms up, another can come and help. Joining our voices together is not for the purpose of shouting louder than anyone else. Instead, our goal is to present a sound and unified message of God’s love, grace, mercy, and power throughout the world. A voice of wisdom and mercy that cannot be ignored!

Each week you will find new resources and links to help you along with articles and a monthly Newsletter. You can email contact@womenministering.com with questions and ideas for resources.

As more and more of you join in, we will have a private Facebook group where you can interact with each other. I will keep you posted regarding that resource.

Our Faith Adventure!

I am excited for you to join me in this adventure of faith. I look forward to meeting each of you and hearing your stories It is my prayer that you will be built up in your faith, healed and restored where needed and find the fulfillment of your own passion for service to Christ.

As you look through the Resources and Links, I would love to have you let me know what might be missing that is important to you or to others you know. I want to have information that is relative to current and changing needs. Suggestions are welcome! My goal is to have Resource Library giving access to a large variety of needs.

Just email me at contact@womenministering,com.

I pray you will be built up in your faith; encouraged in your calling; supported in every circumstance; and, flourishing as a child of God and member of the Body of Christ.