What is the Power of the Holy Spirit? Day 6

What is the Power of the Holy Spirit?

What is the Power of the Holy Spirit? It is far more than we realize. Because the Holy Spirit is the companion Jesus gave us, we need to know Him intimately. His power is the same as that of God and Jesus. He is the third member of the Trinity. He was present at creation and is present with us today creating Christ’s image within us.

We are going to look at a great deal of Scripture about the Holy Spirit so that we have a more accurate picture of Him and what He is able to do for us. His desire to help us far exceeds our knowledge of what He can do. So – what is the power of the Holy Spirit?

1. He Teaches and Reminds

“But when the Father sends the Spirit of Holiness, the One like me who sets you free, he will teach you all things in my name. And he will inspire you to remember every word that I’ve told you”. John 14:26 TPT

This is Jesus telling the disciples what the Holy Spirit would do for them. In verses 15-17, Jesus says this about the Holy Spirit,

Loving me empowers you to obey my commands. And I will ask the Father and he will give you another Savior, the Holy Spirit of Truth, who will be to you a friend just like me—and he will never leave you. The world won’t receive him because they can’t see him or know him. But you will know him intimately, because he will make his home in you and will live inside you.” John 14:15-17 TPT

What is the Power of the Holy Spirit? Q1

A Friend Who Never Leaves Us

In verse 16, when Jesus says another ‘Savior,” the word used is allos which literally means – another of the same kind. So, the Holy Spirit also saves us by dwelling inside us as a friend who will never leave us. The wold will NOT receive the Holy Spirit because they can’t see or know Him. But we are supposed to know Him intimately. Why? Because He will be living inside us! To know Him intimately is a strong, strong statement by Jesus showing just how important and powerful the Holy Spirit is.

What is the Power of the Holy Spirit? Q2

2. He Leads

“The mature children of God are those who are moved by the impulses of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 8:14 TPT

The person of the Holy Spirit will lead, bring, drive, or induce us. The ability to be led by the Holy Spirit is a sign of maturity, Because the Holy Spirit, our mind, and our conscience are connected, this means we should be mature in our entire being.

3. He Helps Our Weakness and Intercedes for Us

And in a similar way, the Holy Spirit takes hold of us in our human frailty to empower us in our weakness. For example, at times we don’t even know how to pray, or know the best things to ask for. But the Holy Spirit rises up within us to super-intercede (The Greek word hupererentugkhano is best translated “super [or hyper]-intercede for us.”  on our behalf, pleading to God with emotional sighs too deep for words.” Romans 8:26 TPT

What is the Power of the Holy Spirit? Q3

Think of that. The Holy Spirit prays on our behalf and empowers us in our weakness! How absolutely incredible and amazing. Look at what God is doing for us.

But, are we aware of this work in us? I don’t think we always are. I think it’s quite possible that we might ignore His help because, like children, we want to do it ourselves. Or, we are so caught up in the emotion of our circumstance that we completely miss what He is doing for a time. Have you ever had a time when you felt as if you could not go on and then, seemingly from nowhere, you find peace and strength you can’t explain? Where did it come from? The Holy Spirit who knew exactly what you were going to need and asked God to give it to you!

4. He Can Be Grieved

And never let ugly or hateful words come from your mouth, but instead let your words become beautiful gifts that encourage others; do this by speaking words of grace to help them. The Holy Spirit of God has sealed you in Jesus Christ until you experience your full salvation. So never grieve the Spirit of God or take for granted his holy influence in your life. Lay aside bitter words, temper tantrums, revenge, profanity, and insults. But instead be kind and affectionate toward one another. Has God graciously forgiven you? Then graciously forgive one another in the depths of Christ’s love.”  Ephesians 4:29-32 TPT

What is the Power of the Holy Spirit? Q4

The verse about the Holy Spirit is surrounded by instruction regarding our words and treatment of one another. What we do and say has an effect on the Holy Spirit. It also clearly shows that we can take Him for granted. We realize that we should not speak words that hurt those around us but do we think about how our words or actions affect the Holy Spirit? Probably not very often. To ‘grieve’ Him means (lypeite) to distress; reflexively or passively, to be sad. If it is possible to make the Holy Spirit sad, this means that, like God and Jesus, He has emotions, Perhaps He also rejoices, laughs, cries and experience other parts of life with us. Of course, He is not led by those things but He obviously experiences them like we do!

Knowing this, perhaps our awareness of Him will be changed.

5. He Knows God’s Thoughts

The Holy Spirit searches all things, knows God’s thoughts and tells us the things God freely gives to us. He also teaches us combining spiritual thoughts and words.

But God now unveils these profound realities to us by the Spirit. Yes, he has revealed to us his inmost heart and deepest mysteries through the Holy Spirit, who constantly explores all things. After all, who can really see into a person’s heart and know his hidden impulses except for that person’s spirit? So it is with God. His thoughts and secrets are only fully understood by his Spirit, the Spirit of God.

For we did not receive the spirit of this world system but the Spirit of God, so that we might come to understand and experience all that grace has lavished upon us. And we articulate these realities with the words imparted to us by the Spirit and not with the words taught by human wisdom. We join together Spirit-revealed truths with Spirit-revealed words.” 1 Corinthians 2:10-13 TPT

What is the Power of the Holy Spirit? Q5

The Holy Spirit Lives In Us

I wish this whole blog was done on just this section of the Word alone because there is a wealth of teaching and insight here that we can’t really go into. I encourage you to read it and re-read it asking the Holy Spirit to give you deeper insight. The ‘realities’ Paul is speaking of here is God’s wisdom which is imparted only to those He loves.

However, there is a wisdom that we continually speak of when we are among the spiritually mature. It’s wisdom that didn’t originate in this present age, nor did it come from the rulers of this age who are in the process of being dethroned. Instead, we continually speak of this wonderful wisdom that comes from God, hidden before now in a mystery. It is his secret plan, destined before the ages, to bring us into glory. None of the rulers of this present world order understood it, for if they had, they never would have crucified the Lord of shining glory. This is why the Scriptures say: Things never discovered or heard of before, things beyond our ability to imagine – these are the many things God has in store for all his lovers.” 1 Corinthians 2:6-9 TPT

Our View of Him Must be Greater

The Holy Spirit is the one who communicates this wisdom to us. Jesus opened the door for us to have wisdom kept just for us! Again, this should heighten our awareness of the Holy Spirit and our desire to clearly hear His voice as He speaks in us and through us.

Now that you see the pattern of the Scriptures on the Holy Spirit, please go to the devotional to see the rest of what the Holy Spirit does for us with the Scripture references.

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