Women In The Church/8 Reasons It’s Important

Women In The Church/8 Reasons It's Important

My prayer is that you will use your voice, your gifts, your callings, to build up the body of Christ and bring peace, love, and wisdom to the world around you. As women in the church and in the world, I pray that all of you can use your voices with confidence and humility, realizing the importance of the task.

Women of Faith Helping One Another

Women Of Faith Helping One Another

Be encouraged! As a woman of faith, my greatest desire is to inspire other women of faith to be the person God intends for them to be; to see women set free from judgment and shame; to each blossom into an army of faith. We can do that by helping one another, by helping everyone we can as God brings them our way. Women of Faith Helping One Another.

What Does It Mean To Minister?

What Does It Mean To Minister

Women are leaders in more areas of life than ever before and are ministers of the gospel of the good news, As we look at the roles of women in society and in churches, we will first define what ministry is. What does it mean to minister?

7 Great Tips to Change Your Attitude

7 Tips To Change Your Attitude

Your mental attitude – where it’s focused – determines your emotional, spiritual, and sometimes physical attitude. For instance, if you have a really bad attitude about your life in general, you may find yourself depressed, lethargic, and lonely. If you have a bad attitude about your job, you probably aren’t doing your best work. What you think can change your attitude in a good or bad way! Use these 7 great tips to change your attitude!

Fix Your Attitude in 6 Transforming Steps

Fix Your Attitude in 6 Transforming Steps

There are many things in life we cannot control – the wind, the sea, the weather, disasters, time, the past, the future, other people, and change. But, you can fix your attitude by choosing your attitude and taking these 6 transforming steps.