Women Changing the World – Part 1

Women always have been, and still are, part of changing the world. Only a few are famous. Most are unknown except for a few friends and family. They are women ministering. They are women changing the world. As you know, the word ‘minister’ simply means to serve or meet a need. Perhaps, when you read or hear ‘Women Ministering,’ you have a picture in your mind of someone famous. For instance, Billy Graham’s daughter, Anne Graham Lotz, is famous. First, for being the daughter of the most famous evangelist in our time. Second, for being a great teacher and evangelist in her own right. Perhaps, you envision a woman who on staff at a church.

Women Changing the World

Women Changing the World in the Old Testament

While those are ‘women ministering,’ there are millions of others who serve in every way you can think of. The Old Testament is filled with them. Women like Deborah, the Judge; Esther who saved the Jewish nation; Rahab, the woman who saved the spies; Abigail, who saved the life of her foolish husband and ended up being King David’s wife. The list goes on and on.

Women Changing the World in the New Testament

Then, in the New Testament, the women continue. Jesus’ Mother, Mary changed the world through her obedience to God to bear the holy child. Mary Magdalene and the women who were at the cross and then first at the tomb. In fact, many women followed Jesus as He traveled and ministered. The woman at the well went out and told everyone about the Savior. Beginning in Acts we see Junia, Eudia and Syntyche, Phoebe, Priscilla, Lydia, the unnamed “chosen lady,” and Apphia. I encourage you to read about each one of them because they were women doing remarkable things which helped to turn the world upside down.

They have never stopped. Women have carried the message of God’s love and salvation throughout time. They have taught their children and anyone who would listen. They have died as martyrs and shined as lights in the darkest places. Most of their names have not been recorded on paper but they have been on hearts. After all, the world is changed and made better one person at-a-time.

Influential Women Around the World

I will be sharing with you the stories of eight women. Four of them are living and changing the world today. Four are women from history born between 1797 and 1867. Four are not famous and the other four gained varied levels of fame. I will not give you the real names of the women living today with the exception of one and you will see why when you download the e-Book. There is a link in this post to download the e-Book and it’s free! It goes into greater detail about these women and has eight Scripture Coloring Pages included.

The Warring Women of Zion

The eight women are very different from one another yet the same. Their common bond is found in Christ their Savior. The One whose message they have dedicated themselves to living and sharing. They are part of the women described in Psalm 68:11:

God Almighty declares the word of the gospel with power, and the warring women of Zion deliver its message.” Psalm 68:11 The Passion Translation
a. Psalm 68:11 as translated from the Aramaic
b. Psalm 68:11 as translated from the Masoretic text.

In case you are wondering about the ‘warring women,’ here is the explanation from the Adam Clarke Commentary:

Adam Clarke Commentary

“Great was the company of those that published it – רב צבא המבשרותhammebasseroth tsaba rab ; “Of the female preachers there was a great host.” Such is the literal translation of this passage; the reader may make of it what he pleases. Some think it refers to the women who, with music, songs, and dances, celebrated the victories of the Israelites over their enemies. But the publication of good news, or of any joyful event, belonged to the women. It was they who announced it to the people at large; and to this universal custom, which prevails to the present day, the psalmist alludes. See this established in the note on Isaiah 40:9; (note).”

Women have always been the ones publishing the Good News! They still are.

In Part 1, you will meet Karen and Charlotte ‘Lottie’ Moon. Karen is a friend of mine who helped to start a Food Bank in a small town. She is my friend. So, perhaps your first reaction is, “A food bank? Really? That’s not ‘world changing.’ Remember, the world is changed one person at-a-time. Karen has started where she is and changed hundreds and hundreds of lives in the past eleven years.

The next woman you will meet is Charlotte ‘Lottie’ Moon. A woman born in Virginia who went on to be a missionary and evangelist in China. At 4′ 3″, she was an unlikely choice to change the world. Be sure to download the ebook and learn more about her.

Partner With Others to Change the World

I’m sure you see where I’m going. As we learn more about what others have been and are doing, we are strengthened and encouraged to step out in our own lives. Here’s the great news – NO STEP IS TOO SMALL! Karen didn’t start the Food Bank by herself, she was part of a team.

  • Step 1 – Start where you are and with the people around you by living what you believe.
  • Step 2 – Pray! Ask God what you can do. If you have children, they are your first and most important mission field.
  • Step 3 – Do it! You are one of the warring women going out and proclaiming the news of victory and salvation through Christ.
Women Changing the World 1 Q6

You will see how Karen, Lottie Moon, Laynie, Sojourner Truth, Dee, Amy Carmichael, Leeann, and Harriet Beecher Stowe all started where they were and did something. Their common thread is that they first cared for the very young, the downtrodden, and the abused. Secondly, they made sacrifices to change the world of these people. This is what it means to be a world-changer!

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  1. I love your post about women changing the world! I absolutely love women’s ministry and I believe God is using us powerfully to make an impact for His Kingdom!! I love your writing style and most of all, I LOVE your heart Fleda!! So glad to have connected with you!! ❤

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