Women in Ministry Opening New Frontiers

women in ministry opening new frontiers

Women in ministry have always served in multiple ways both inside and outside the church. In the Old Testament, women were wives, mothers, Prophetesses, Judges, landowners, business owners, and spies! In the New Testament, we find them at Jesus feet, following Him, at the crucifixion, at the empty tomb, in the upper room, working alongside the Apostles, having churches in their home, serving alongside their husbands, being wives and mothers, and doing all that the word ‘ministry’ implies.

Women in Ministry are Ambassadors for the Kingdom

Women today continue in ministry as ambassadors for the kingdom of God. There are so many examples of the mission fields women are serving in. Of course, you will find them supporting their local churches and leading various ministries. You will also find them teaching, counseling, supporting, leading and loving the people. They run ministries like foodbanks, shelters, counseling services and more. Outside the church, women are there as leaders in missions, evangelism, outreach projects and doing all the things they have done since the beginning. Many are working Mothers and business owners who devote extra time to their passion to share God’s love. Wherever you look, there are women in ministry.

One new frontier is the Internet. You may not know it, but there is an army of women on the internet spreading the gospel around the world. They are bloggers. No, they don’t just talk about what they did today and how much coffee they drank while posting pictures of their kids. That might be the preconceived idea of ‘bloggers’ and, while there is nothing wrong with that,  they do that and much, much more! They are evangelizing – teaching – sharing the Word – reaching out to the unreached – helping those who have given up on church – and supporting others who also minister. They are involved wherever there is a need. You may not see them, but they are reaching thousands and thousands of people.

Women in Ministry are Reaching Into Unusual Places

They are going into every nation to share the Good News of Jesus! Click To Tweet

They serve alongside their husbands, families, brothers, pastors, children, friends, and the great army of men who are also serving Christ. They are ministers of the gospel of Jesus.

The basic definition of the word ‘minister’ is to serve – to serve – to supply the means of relief. It also means being an ambassador or diplomatic minister. Women in Ministry are doing exactly that – serving, supplying relief and acting as Ambassadors to the Kingdom of God.

Women in Ministry are Bringing Hope

These women in ministry, of whom I am one, are pouring out their own stories while weaving in the Word and some great, solid teaching. They reach people because they are safe. Hours per day are spent sharing Jesus in places people may never have found Him before. These women are still following Jesus wherever He may lead!

This site – Women Ministering – is one example. My goal is to be a source of support for that army of women. Another example is Bloggers for the Kingdom. The Lanyap Life reaches around the world sharing the gospel. They write amazing articles, teach others how to do what they are doing, and do it all with excellence. I have a long list of others on the Resource Page for this site.

These same women are authors, speakers, teachers, artists, Mothers, friends, Senators, Mayors, home-schoolers, Ambassadors, IT Techs, professional gardeners, and more. They are regular women reaching the unchurched.

Women in Ministry Are a Force For Good in Unusual Places

What you will find on their sites is this – truth, excellence, and love. They don’t write about what everyone is doing wrong. They write about the love of God and what we can all do together to share His love with the world. The messages are meant to build up the reader. In a world where hatred is easy to find and encouragement is scarce, women in ministry are a light in the darkness. They are also a force for good and a voice in unusual places.

In a world where hatred is easy to find and encouragement is scarce, women in ministry are a light in the darkness. Click To Tweet

Make no mistake, they are serious about what they are doing. It is a ministry. It is a business. It is not a whim. They have dedicated themselves to sharing Jesus everywhere and with everyone they can and they know how to do it effectively.

Women in Ministry Are Opening New Frontiers

They truly are opening new frontiers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Podcasts, Books, Magazines and online articles. The very things which are simply entertainment to others have been transformed into tools of the ministry by these women. I want to repeat something – their message is positive and uplifting. It is not a message of hate. They don’t have chips on their shoulders or axes to grind. Instead, they have the love of God, a desire to share it, and a determination to go and make disciples in all nations, and, even better, they are succeeding!

This is my salute to my fellow women-in-ministry. We support each other and push each other to be better each day, while writing about the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We share God’s love, grace, and mercy. At the same time, the truth is there, the Word is prominent. This army is imperfect and they share their imperfections so that others will find hope. They are a voice to those who seem invisible to the world – the lonely, the hurting, the seekers who may never enter a church but will click on a picture and find Jesus, the disabled and all who are seeking truth. They are spending their energy and resources helping others.

Please go to the Resource Page and see just a few of the women I am talking about. If you are a woman in ministry and reading this, my love and appreciation goes out to you. I pray that you are encouraged and uplifted as you continue the work of the ministry and service.

If you need anything, please email me: fleda@womenministering.com

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