Women In The Church/8 Reasons It's Important

Women In The Church/8 Reasons It’s Important

Women In Ministry – Philippians 3:12-16 Part Three

I’m pretty sure we all agree that we need men and women in the church. In most Christian churches, more women than men attend, believe in God, and consider religion to be an important part of their lives. Here are some statistics from Pew Research.

  • 55% of attendance is women
  • 65% of women express belief in God
  • 59% of women express the fact that religion is important in their lives

While there isn’t a huge gap there, you can still see why it’s important to have women in the church and why some of those women need to be in leadership positions. In no way am I indicating that men are not needed! The focus of this blog is on the need for women to participate in ministry and leadership and to help women see how important they are as they serve.

I want you, as women ministering, to see how important your roles are. I want you to be encouraged and lifted up as women in the church. Your presence and participation keeps the church alive.

1. Women Ministering To Women

Since there are so many women attending church, it’s important to establish female leadership for them. While women are not limited to ministering only to other women, there is a great need for them to fill this role. Male leadership is needed as well to provide a role model. Women in the church in leadership positions fulfill a large and important role in church life as mentors, teachers, leaders, and examples.

There are many roles that women take leadership in:

  • Women’s Ministry
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Worship Ministry
  • Prayer Ministry
  • Helps and Hospitality Ministry

In many churches today, women are also pastors and teachers, some functioning as senior pastors. This blog isn’t about that subject. If you look at the short list above, you see responsibilities that cover more than 50% of the ministries in the church. Many women fill those roles with their husband. Single women and women whose husbands don’t attend church or attend but don’t wish to be in leadership, fill these roles as well. The thing we’re looking at is the importance of women in the church – a vital and historic role they continue to rise up to meet.

2. Women’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry is an important arena for most churches. Women need other women for friendship, mentorship, leadership, companionship, and to build faith together. It’s important to have one or more women in leadership because women know what other women need. Also, in cases where counseling is needed, it’s best for women to counsel women with another woman present. A man can definitely be present if the woman being counseled is comfortable with it and wants the man there.

Women can function as the leaders of the ministry, as class teachers, mentors, organizers of women’s events, and more. All of it is vital to the health of the people and the church. Women lead Bible Studies, older women teach the younger women, women have fun together. and create an atmosphere of love and caring for each other.

3. Women Ministering to Children And Teens

Children’s and Teen Ministry is vital to the existence of almost every church. People want their kids to be in Sunday School and have some instruction from others. They want their kids to have fun. They want their teens to have peers who share their faith. And, parents want a break. They want to be able to be fed with worship and the Word and want the same for their children – just in separate settings for at least a portion of the service they attend.

Couples are quite often in leadership in this ministry but women are the predominant leaders in children’s ministry. It’s important to have men participate and lead in working with and teaching the kids. The young people need to see themselves reflected in the leadership. Male or female, they need to see the balance.

The best scenario would be equal representation of men and women. However, that’s not usually the case. Women’s care for their children in their home naturally flows out to the church, and since there are usually more women by number, there are also more working in Children’s and Teen Ministry.

4. Women In Worship Ministry

It’s quite normal in many churches to see women who lead worship (singing) on Sundays or whenever the church meets. Women usually make a part of the teams whether as a singer or musician, or both. Lots of men participate in worship ministry as well and the mix can even be predominantly men.

The point is I want to emphasize is that women need to understand how necessary they are in this ministry. The Old Testament shows women leading worship and even going to war as worshippers.

Leading worship is far more than just singing. I spent most of my Christian life leading and participating in worship. For me, it’s a life-giving source. There’s nothing like participating in corporate worship and in helping others to find the same joy and fulfillment. There’s a lot of work behind what happens on Sunday mornings. Practice and more practice, team practice, and prayer – lots and lots of prayer – and fun.

What would worship be like if only men participated? The question goes both ways – what if only women participated? The key is in balance. The congregation needs to see women and men worshipping and since, over half the congregation is comprised of women – ladies, you are important!

5. Women In Prayer Ministry

Yes, men and women lead this ministry. Again, both need to participate, However, many, many prayer groups are formed and maintained by women. Since prayer is one of the most basic Christian disciplines, these devoted leaders are important role models and teachers in regard to prayer. Having church members who pray for leadership and for the congregation are life-savers for the people and the church as a whole.

Prayer Ministry is a valid and important area for women to be involved in leadership and participation.

6. Women in Helps and Outreach Ministry

When you need meals taken to a family or person in need, it’s usually the women who lead, organize and deliver. When a congregant needs help with their plumbing or painting or some other household need, you will usually find more men than women performing those duties. Again, we need both. We need both women and men not only as participants, but also as leaders. We need each voice, experience, and perspective.

Women in leadership in helps and outreach are fulfilling the mandate of the Word to care for one another. There is no contest to see who does it best. There is a mandate from God to go into the world and share the love of God with everyone. This means women and men.

7. Women As Examples

In a previous blog, I pointed out that male and female are equal in Christ, but also have different roles to fulfill. The world needs the voices, actions, perspectives, and faith of women of God. Historically, women have been the backbone of the church. Yes, as a woman ministering – the world needs to hear your voice! Not a screaming voice but the voice of wisdom.

As a woman ministering, the world needs to see your leadership. Again, leading with wisdom, not attitude. Women are spiritual pillars in the body of Christ and in the world. We give strength, compassion, and love as we serve in and outside the church.

8. Women’s Voices In The World

In preparing for this blog, I looked up women whose names and voices are well-known in Christian circles. I can’t include all of them here but the list went back to long ago.

  • Madame Guyon who lived from 1648 to 1717 was a voice of tremendous influence within the church and to powerful families.
  • Maria Woodworth Etter (1844-1924) was a sickly, timid woman who became one of the most influential evangelists in the early 1900’s.
  • Jarena Lee (1783-1864, was “The first African American woman to preach the gospel publicly, Lee preached to racially mixed Methodists, Presbyterian, Baptist, and Wesleyan audiences across the mid-Atlantic states, lower Canada, Cincinnati, Detroit, and New England. What’s more, she did so at a time when slavery was legal and neither African Americans nor women could own property or vote.”
  • Sojourner Truth 1797-1883) “A former slave, Sojourner Truth became an outspoken advocate for abolition, temperance, and civil and women’s rights in the nineteenth century. Her Civil War work earned her an invitation to meet President Abraham Lincoln in 1864″ She was the first African American woman to win a lawsuit against a white man and she spent years as a traveling evangelist, again at a time when slaves and women had little power.

Women In The Church

Today, women like Bobby Houston, Lysa TerKeurst, Beth Moore, Marilyn Hickey, Joyce Meyer, and many, many others have voices of faith that are heard around the world. Women in ministry are everywhere! Christian women bloggers are spreading the gospel around the world to every nation, tribe, and tongue.

The Bible is filled with women who led – Deborah and Huldah were prophets; Miriam worshipped; Esther saved her people; Mary Magdalene was a prominent follower of Jesus; Phoebe, Priscilla and others were leaders with a voice; and, today – you are the continuation of those voices.

Women in the church and in the world have a voice that must be heard. It should be a voice of wisdom not fear, anger, or pride. The same goes for men. Women in the church matter for many more reasons than the 8 I’ve given you here but these 8 reasons can be your impetus to aim higher and reach for greater things in Christ.

My prayer is that you will use your voice, your gifts, your callings, to build up the body of Christ and bring peace, love, and wisdom to the world around you. As women in the church and in the world, I pray that all of you can use your voices with confidence and humility, realizing the importance of the task.

I admit that I haven’t yet acquired the absolute fullness that I’m pursuing, but I run with passion into his abundance so that I may reach the purpose that Jesus Christ has called me to fulfill and wants me to discover.  

I don’t depend on my own strength to accomplish this; however I do have one compelling focus: I forget all of the past as I fasten my heart to the future instead.  I run straight for the divine invitation of reaching the heavenly goal and gaining the victory-prize through the anointing of Jesus.  

So let all who are fully mature have this same passion, and if anyone is not yet gripped by these desires, God will reveal it to them.  And let us all advance together to reach this victory-prize, following one path with one passion.Philippians 3:12-16 TPT

8 Reasons We Need Women In The Church

Let’s summarize the 8 reasons we need women in the church as leaders and volunteers:

  1. We need women in leadership and church attendance to minister to other women and to fulfill their calling.
  2. Women using their gifts and talents to lead Women’s Ministry is vital since over half the congregation is probably women.
  3. We need women who can minister to and lead children and teens, helping the parents to raise them up in the Word.
  4. Women are gifted worshippers who have a place in leadership and participation in worship ministry.
  5. Women who are called to prayer can lead and help others to pray.
  6. Women use their gifts to help and reach out to those inside and outside the church.
  7. Godly women are needed to serve as examples and mentors to other women everywhere.
  8. Women’s voices in the world were meant to be heard as they exercise their gifts and fulfill their callings.

my prayer for you

I pray that you run with passion. I pray you reach the purpose that Jesus Christ has called you to fulfill and wants you to discover. I pray that you have one compelling focus – to forget the past and fasten your heart to the future. I pray you run straight for the divine invitation of reaching your heavenly goal and that you gain the victory-prize through the anointing of Jesus.

I pray that all of you have this same passion and if you don’t, I pray God reveals it to you. I pray that we, women in the body of Christ, advance together to reach this victory-prize – following one path with one passion. I pray this for you and myself in Jesus’ precious and holy name – Amen!

Please contact me if you have questions, concerns, or want to know more. Just email me – fleda@womenministering.com.

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